For more maps, specifications, directions and cameras for the terminals in the Port of Virginia, click on any of the following links provided by Port of Virginia’s Resource Center.

Norfolk International Terminals (NIT)
Located in the Hampton Roads Harbor on 567 acres along the Elizabeth and Lafayette Rivers, Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) is the Virginia Port Authority’s largest terminal. NIT has a total of 6,630 L.F. of berthing dredged to 50’ and is capable of handling 12,000-14,000 Twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) vessels and served by 14 Super Post-Panamax Class quay cranes.  For more information about NIT, click here.

Virginia International Gateway (VIG)
Located along the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth, VA, Virginia International Gateway (VIG) is the largest privately-owned container terminal in the United States. VIG is one of the only functional automated container terminals in the Western Hemisphere. VIG sits on a total footprint of 576 acres. Phase I of VIG’s development, at 231 acres, can process over one million TEUs annually. Phase II will add approximately 60 acres in additional space and another one million-plus TEUs in capacity.  For more information about VIG, click here.

Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) occupies 287 acres of land and is located on the west bank of the Elizabeth River. The terminal has 3,540 feet of wharf, three berths, and is able to handle containers, break-bulk, and roll-on/roll-off cargo. The facility is served by CSX directly and Norfolk Southern via the Norfolk Portsmouth Beltline Railway.
For more information about PMT, click here.

Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT) is the Virginia Port Authority’s main break-bulk and roll-on/roll-off facility. The terminal occupies approximately 165 acres on the north bank of the James River. The facility offers 60 acres of outside storage and 968,000 SQFT of covered storage space. Vessels have access to two piers with four vessel berths, containing 3,480 feet of berth space, with draft depth as deep as 40 feet, accommodating vessels 850 feet in length. The facility also contains 33,900 feet of rail provided by CSX. In addition, NNMT has a Roll-on, Roll off ramp on Pier C South to deliver heavy-lift such as power plant equipment for delivery via water. For more information about NNMT, click here

Lambert’s Point Docks (LPD)
Located on one of the East Coast’s finest natural deep-water harbors, these rail-served docks are located within two miles of interstate highways. Lambert’s Point Docks are owned and operated by Norfolk Southern; they have served shippers, manufacturers and brokers for more than 65 years. The terminal provides safe, efficient import and export trans-loading and can move more than a half-million tons of general cargo annually.