The men and women of ILA Local 1624 are proud members of the Virginia seaport community. We are first, second, third, fourth, and even fifth generation Longshoremen. We are extremely proud of the history and legacy we have inherited; however, these accomplishments did not come easy, and each of us share in the responsibility to build upon that legacy. Union membership is a privilege that must be continually fought for and protected by the dedicated men and women of the International Longshoremen’s Association. We are union by choice and proud of it.

Kevin Halstead, President
Larry Bachtell, First Vice President
Michael Heath Sr., Second Vice President
Bruce Gray, Financial Secretary
Rena Heath, Recording Secretary

Charlie Capps Sr.
Jason Capps
Michael Heath
Adrian Mungo

Seniority Board
Charles Capps Sr.
Jason Capps
Tamiya Davis
Kevin Halstead
Adrian Mungo

Central Labor Council
Tamiya Davis