As some of you may have already heard, the ILA is having serious jurisdictional issues in New London, Connecticut regarding their Offshore Windmill Project. Due to these ongoing issues, the ILA has orchestrated a “Day of Action” on Wednesday, September 20th.There will be an action at the Connecticut facility as well as each and every ILA Port. The Locals in the Port of Hampton Roads will be sending some representatives to take part in the Connecticut Port action on that date. Regarding what action will take place here in the Port of Hampton Roads, on Wednesday (9/20) at 12:30pm, The ILA will assemble at the NIT Baker Street Parking Lot. Our International Vice President Mr. Thomas Little will lead our “display of solidarity” event. We will have approximately 200 solidarity signs to be distributed to those who choose to take part. We will have a photographer present so that our Port of Hampton Roads pictures can be sent to the International to be posted. This is a voluntary event but all are encouraged to attend. Please note that this event is not to interfere or disrupt with the movement of cargo in and out of the Port of Hampton Roads. We anticipate that we will complete our assembly of solidarity at 12:55pm